About Nick Hissom

There is no doubt that Nick Hissom has lead one of the most extraordinary lives of any 23 year old. Born and raised in London, he left his home at age 15 to attend one of the most prestigious international schools in the world, Institut Le Rosey, in Switzerland. There, Nick grew up alongside the financial, political and artistic leaders of the future. During this time, Nick's mother married casino billionaire Steve Wynn following a romance that began on the French riviera. At 17, Hissom was scouted by Ford models and quickly appeared on newsstands in magazines such as GQ and Interview, and in advertising campaigns for Tommy Hilfiger, while also obtaining his degree from the University of Pennsylvania. 

Despite Nick's many opportunities, no one understands better than when you've been as lucky as he has, the most important thing is to give back. For Nick, this means sharing his experiences and message with the world through music. 

Nick explains his decision with honest simplicity. “When I started thinking of what I wanted to do with my life, the resounding answer was to inspire as many people as I could in the most impactful way possible. Music is the universal language which we all empathize with. It is blind to all prejudice and negativity and that’s why it is the medium through which I sought to create love and happiness in others. The power of music is only rivaled by the power of love."

"I want my music to evoke an energy of love, because I believe that love is the key to happiness. Growing up having everything allowed me to realize at an early age that happiness is not about the car you drive or the house you live in, but about the love you share with people. That's why I named my album 'Love Energy' - because all my love and energy went into making it, and because I want the music to create love and inspiration in everybody who hears it. If I succeed in doing that then I've succeeded in brightening someone's day, and making the world a better place," Nick explains. 

He’s fun, cool, humbled, and music-loving. A social media star, and an established artist that is moving toward the all-important next step in his career. He is also honest, kind, and a songwriter with a true message, penning life experiences that are well beyond his years in an effort to inspire others and connect with them on the deepest level.

Nick's journey in music started in his high school dormitory, where he and his roommate began writing songs. "They were terrible," laughs Hissom, "it took me years of writing before I could even set foot in a real studio, and even then it was really just a basement with a mic and some foam on the walls." From there, Hissom sent his demos to various DJs, and got a bite from Denver-based DJ duo Manufactured Superstars. Nick's first record with Manufactured Superstars, 'Killin' Tonight', debuted in 2012 with a performance Memorial Day weekend at Tryst nightclub in Las Vegas. Hissom then performed with Manufactured Superstars main stage at the Electric Daisy Carnival and at the legendary Red Rocks amphitheater - creating a solid fanbase on social media. However, Nick realized that a real career in music takes much more than a hot start. It takes timeless songs and a marathon work ethic.

And so, Nick returned to the studio, using his small success to book sessions with world-renown producers such as Dallas Austin (Madonna, P!nk, Michael Jackson), and Mick Schultz (Rihanna, Jeremih). The latter of which gave Nick his first independent single, 'If I Die Young,' which released July 2013. The anthemic and heartfelt record showcased Nick's smooth and powerful vocals, and it was just what Hissom needed to prove that no matter what, he was here to stay. It was also just what Nick needed to catch the eye of music management mogul, Larry Rudolph (Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus, Steven Tyler). 

Nick signed to Larry Rudolph in 2014, and was introduced to multi-diamond mega producer Steve Morales (Celine Dion, Enrique Iglesias, Christina Aguilera, Santana) in April 2015. Morales and Hissom's first track, 'Love Energy' was completed shortly afterward. "The minute it was finished I knew that was it," Nick recalls, "I sent it to Larry [Rudolph], and 5 minutes later he texts me back in full caps 'THIS IS F*KING AWESOME!!!!'... To hear someone of his experience tell me I was on to something was a huge moment for me."

Nick spent the remainder of summer 2015 with Morales, moving into the producer's home studio in Miami to continue work on the album. By July of 2015, 'Love Energy', the EP, was complete. Since then, Nick has been steadily rising through the ranks of young stardom.

This past November, Hissom debuted 'One', the first single off the upcoming 'Love Energy' EP alongside Nick Jonas, Tori Kelly, and Fall Out Boy at Malibu Mansion Live hosted by Cumulus Radio at the American Music Awards. Following the discovery of the song via Nick's Instagram by radio personality Zach Sang, 'One' was added nationally to Top 40 and Rhythmic radio, catapulting the song to the Top 100. Following the success of 'One', Nick secured a Las Vegas residency at the exclusive nightclub XS, performing alongside the inspiring stars of his early career. 

While recording and prepping for the his upcoming EP release, Nick has continued his XS residency while also shooting music videos for singles off the EP; the first of which, titled 'Where You Are' releases April 22nd. 'Love Energy' the full EP is due out online and in-stores May 6th. Nick will tour the U.S and Europe this summer.